Special Order Tracker

Special Order Tracker

VyCo understands the core of your business is delivering a world-class customer experience. The Special Order Tracker helps your team deliver the experience your customers deserve by allowing all team members to know the status of a special order and to communicate with the customer via their preferred channel: phone, email or text message.
Status and Location Tracking
Special orders are logged in the order tracker and updated as the status changes or new information is received. A few sample statues are: Arrived, Delayed and Partially Delivered.

Any notes, special requests or the delivery status are recorded so each person on your team can readily assist a customer inquiring about their order.

When the special order arrives the location of the items are updated in the tracker, which eliminates your team scouring the lot looking for an item while a customer is waiting at the counter.

Proactive Communication
The tracker can be set to automatically send communication when a status changes or can be sent manually. Either way the customer receives communication via their preferred channel and your team can easily send the communication from the tracker.

The tracker can send email or text messages and display the customers phone number.

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